BodyART is an intense holistic mind and body workout combining strength, flexibility, cardio and breathing with elements from yoga, pilates, tai-chi, based on the principles of yin and yang and the five elements of traditional Chinese medicine.

Active and passive movements are combined with controlled postures to incorporate strength, internal awareness and balance, giving you a unique rhythm and flow.

A challenge for beginners, exercises can be tailored to different levels of fitness. Anyone can do it!

Expect a mat workout with a personal trainer, an intense experience for mind body and soul with amazing benefits for improving posture, increasing flexibility and strength, stress reliever and a better self awareness. 

The studio is open based on programming

Monday - Friday: 07:00-21:00

Saturday: 08:00-16:00
Monday: occasional events
All the sessions are ONLY on a programming basis.

Rules for programming

The appointments can be made by telephone, online or by email.

A session may be cancelled or reprogrammed with at least 4 hours before. In the case of subscriptions, the sessions will be considered held.
Thank you for understanding!

Rules for programming

The prices are per person. VAT is included. The payment can be made by card or cash.
A session lasts 55 minutes and it starts at the fix of each hour.
The subscriptions of 5 sessions are valid 1 month from the start date and those of 10 sessions are valid 2 months.

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